Top 10 Wardrobe Essentials

There are some garments that are vital and must be in everyone’s closet. I live in Gran Canaria (Canary Islands/Spain) and here we always have a wonderful weather, though this Winter has been a little bit colder. We normally have Summer weather all year long, so my essentials are based on this amazing weather we are lucky to have.

So here are my Top 10 most important clothing pieces and the ones I use the most!

10. Dr. Martens Boots

I got my first pair of Dr. Martens this Christmas and since then I have used them almost all the time! I wear them at least twice a week with my skinny jeans and I think they’re a must have for everyone! I have them in Cherry Red, but I like them in all the colors they come!


9. Woodcutter Jacket

I wear this kind of jacket every time it gets too cold! Mine is a vintage jacket from my grandpa and he bought it in London like 30 years ago. I love it and this Winter has been very useful! I don’t know if “Woodcutter Jacket” is the correct term, but it’s how we call it in Spain.


8. Denim Shirt

I wear a denim shirt with everything and for any occasion! Mine is from H&M and it’s a light denim shirt that I use a lot. I think everyone needs one of these!


7. Skinny Jeans

I normally wear shorts during the day because of the good weather we have, but when I don’t I always wear my skinny jeans. I also wear them at night because it’s colder and you can’t wear shorts to clubs! I normally combine them with my Dr. Martens or with Converse.


6. Squared Shirts

I’ve got lots of these! I wear them every time I go out for dinner or to parties. My favorite one is a green and blue squared shirt from Abercrombie & Fitch that I bought in New York, but almost all my shirts are from Pepe Jeans London, which is my favorite clothing brand.


5. Hoodie

I’ve got lots of hoodies and I wear them every single day! I think you must have at least two of these, but I got more than 10. My favorite one is the I NY hoodie that I, obviously, got in New York, but I love all of them!


4. Colored Shorts

Like I said before, I wear shorts all the time and I have them in many colors. My favorite ones are from Ralph Lauren and I got them in an Outlet Mall last time I went to Walt Disney World.


3. Ray Bans

I love Ray Bans, I got my Wayfarers in brown and in black and also as eyeglasses, but my favorite ones and the ones I wear the most are vintage Ray Bans that were from my father and I don’t even know the model, but I love them!


2. Comic T-Shirt

I’ve got lots of different T-Shirts, but most of them have comic book characters on them! My favorite one is the one in the picture and it has Michael Turner‘s cover for Marvel’s Civil War #1. I got it at Universal Studios in Orlando and I love it!


Beside my comic T-Shirts I also love my Britney Spears one!

1. Converse All Star

These are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever had! I’ve been wearing them since I was a kid and I have them in many colors. I wear them almost every day and I think the most broken they are the better they look!


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