Top 10 Shakira Songs

Shakira is releasing her new self titled album this Friday and though I don’t like her anymore, I’m gonna, at least, give it a listen. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I hate her, but I was such a huge fan of her when I was younger and I was so disappointed when she “sold herself” to make commercial music. I like some of her new stuff like Can’t Remember To Forget You, but it’s because the song it’s catchy, it’s not something the Shakira I used to love would do!

Anyways, to remember the good old fashioned Shakira I’m doing a Top 10 with what I think are her best songs. Enjoy!

10. La Pared

This is my favorite song from Fijación Oral Vol. 1 and though I love many of the songs on the album, they’re not as good as her previous work. This was the beginning of her style changing, but I still liked her here!

9. Don’t Bother

Though she started to change in this era, I still love some of the songs from both volumes of Fijación Oral, specially form Vol. 2. I love this song because of the rocks elements it has and because though it’s very catchy, it’s still true to her roots.

8. Te Aviso, Te Anuncio (Tango)

Servicio De Lavanderia is my favorite album from her! It’s the first one I got and I love all the songs on it. I liked Shakira before, but it wasn’t until this album that I became obsessed with her. This song in particular is one of my favorites and though I know most of you know the English version, is the Spanish version the one that I like and grew up with.

7. Estoy Aquí

This was one of my favorite songs of her when I was a kid and I still love listening to it. I love the lyrics, the music and everything about this song and to this day it remains as one of my favorites!

6. Ciega, Sordomuda

This is one of Shakira’s best songs and one of the most popular ones, I mean from her good old days, now everyone goes crazy with Loca, She Wolf, Waka Waka, but before all that crappy songs, this was what made us go crazy for Shakira!

5. Si Te Vas

This is also one of my favorites!! As you can see, she has great songs! Really, I don’t know why she had to change, she was so good… The lyrics of this song are amazing and I still love listening. I love the guitar at the end of the song and all the latin rock elements it has!

4. Te Dejo Madrid

Another hit from Servicio De Lavanderia and another rock song! This album is really amazing and this song was one of the ones I was most obsessed with. This is the real and true Shakira and I wish she was still makeing music like this.

3. Inevitable

In my opinion this is the best and most beautiful ballad she’s written. It’s so honest and real that is just perfect. I love the simplicity of it and how the chorus hits your ears like she’s breaking into pieces, but still standing. I just love this song so much!

2. Hips Don’t Lie (Feat. Wyclef Jean)

I know this is a very commercial song, but it’s just so epic! It had me and all my friends dancing and moving our hips to the song. I went to see her when she performed in my city in the Oral Fixation Tour and she ended the concert with this song and it was beyond amazing! This is a great song that will remain forever as one of her best hits!

1. Suerte

Like I’ve said twice already, Servicio De Lavanderia is her biggest album and this is the biggest song she’s ever written. I fell in love with her because of this song and I still know all the lyrics and sing to it every time I listen to it. You can say you prefer the English version (Whenever, Wherever), but with Shakira, I always prefer her original Spanish writing!

I want to say again that I don’t hate her or the music she does now, I just prefer the stuff she used to do and it’s totally ok if you still like her or you prefer her new songs, we all can have our different opinions.

Do you agree with me? Let me know in the comments!


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