Top 10 Sexiest Movie Killers

Doing yesterday’s Top 10 Kick-Ass Women in Movies & TV I thought that not only the heroines are badass, the villains are too! And most times they are very sexy females that could defeat any men only by looking at them!

So, I decided to do a Top 10 Sexiest Movie Killers to honor all that sexy and strong female villains from my favorite movies and that everybody loves!

10. Sexykiller (Sexykiller)

You probably haven’t seen this movie. It’s a Spanish comedy with B horror movies characteristics that I actually like! Normally I don’t like Spanish movies, but this one is quite good, I mean, it’s really bad, but I like it!! This psycho serial killer is one of the sexiest and funniest I’ve seen and also one of the craziest! I love when she starts talking to the camera like she’s talking to you, it’s really funny! I left the trailer in case you want to give it a shot! I really recommend!


9. Catherine Tramell (Basic Instinct)

Ok, I know everyone was expecting her to be on top of the list, but this movie came out when I wasn’t even 1 year old and I remember watching it when I was like 8 or 9 because it was like a forbidden movie for children, so I don’t really remember anything about it. I only remember that moment when Sharon Stone crosses her legs and just for that, she deserves this spot!

Basic Instinct

8. T-X (Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines)

If you ever got a robot, wouldn’t you want it to be like her? Kristinna Loken was every boy and every man fantasy when she played this killer robot in the third Terminator movie and though she’s hasn’t done many movies after that, she’ll always have a place on our hearts.


7. O’Ren Ishii (Kill Bill)

I had a hard time deciding which girl from the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad I was gonna include here, I love the three of them, but then I though: Lucy Liu is one of the sexiest women in history and her character is really one of the most badass after The Bride. With her Anime story, the 88 Crazy Maniacs and all the head chopping she’s just amazing!


6. Goldie/Wendy (Sin City)

Jaime King plays a set of killer twins. One of them is murdered and her sister will fight and kill anyone who stands on her way until she finds who killed her so she can kill him herself and take revenge on her sister. I also found very difficult to choose only one character from Sin City, but I’ve always loved Jaime and she’s amazing in this movie! Can’t wait to see her on the sequel!!


5. Mandy Lane (All The Boys Love Mandy Lane)

Ok, I haven’t seen this movie yet, but I just saw the trailer and it looks very interesting! I know I shouldn’t add this to the list without watching first, but c’mon! It’s Amber Heard! If I watched the movie she probably would be number 1! I’m gonna watch for sure, but until then, I think this spot is perfect for her!


UPDATE: I finally saw the movie yesterday and though it was a little odd, there’s no explanation of why everything happens, I liked it, it was entertaining. Still, Mandy Lane deserves this spot! I’m glad I trusted her haha.

4. The Baroness (G.I. Joe)

I never imagined Sienna Miller doing something like this. I love all her movies and they are all so different from the superhero genre that I didn’t expect this at all. First I was a little concerned about it, because I didn’t know if she was gonna do a good job in a roll such different from her prior work, but after watching I was very impressed with her and I loved her even more (if that’s possible)!


3. Sil (Species)

I was always so scared of this movie when I was a kid! I remember watching it and having nightmares for months, but I gave the movie another shot when I grew up and I really liked it! I think Natasha Henstridge is one of the sexiest aliens in movie history and a lethal killer!


2. White She Devil (Undercover Brother)

I know this movie is bad, not bad, it’s worse! But, IT’S DENISE RICHARDS!! She ends up joining the good guys in the movie, but we first meet her as a gorgeous and sexy assassin that takes your breath away! Denise is, in my opinion, the most beautiful and sexiest woman that has ever lived on this planet! She deserves to be on top even with this crappy movie!

Denise Richards i Undercover Brother

1. Jennifer Check (Jennifer’s Body)

Speaking of sexiest women on Earth, Megan Fox is another one of them! In this movie she plays a high school cheerleader that has been possessed by a demon after she gets sacrificed to Satan by an Indie Rock band. To fill her soul, she has to kill and eat men and she won’t stop even for her BFF. It sounds a little silly, but I think the movie is quite interesting and it was written by Diablo Cody, so it is really good!


Do you agree with my list? Let me know in the comments!

As I always say, this is just my personal opinion and it may differ from yours! I also haven’t seen every movie that exists so that may be the reason why your favorite ones weren’t included.

Hope you enjoy reading!

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